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Connecting Mentors With Students

Connecting Mentors With Students, A Collaboration During Empathy Jam 2017

Connecting Mentors With Students

A Collaboration During Empathy Jam 2017

SITUATION: During Empathy Jam 2017, our team had to design a service or application in eight-hours that connected and empowered citizens of New York City. 

TEAM: Me + 1 Designer  + 3 UX Researchers

MY ROLE: Designer, Note Taker

CHALLENGE: We needed to quickly translate information gathered from guerilla interviews into a prototype and presentation by the end of the day.

TOOLS: iPhone, Notepad, Scripts, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Marvel

RESEARCH: First, through talking it over, our team decided to narrow down the question of empowerment to mean education and training. 

From there, we went out onto the streets around Fordham University, and interviewed folks about how they currently acquire new skills right now; and used that as a starting point to consider solutions.

ARTIFACTS and PAPER PROTOTYPES: We noted the importance of existing event curation, being mobile, and having events relate to the user's available time. We created paper prototypes accordingly, and went back outside again to conduct user tests with paper prototypes.

We then digitized a task flow from these paper prototypes into a low-fi mockup for the final presentation.



NEXT STEPS: In the future, this application could be built out further to cover the entire user flow, such as talking to mentors and booking accredited courses.