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Wireframing For Gratitude

The Tribute App

SITUATION: Tribute is a service that makes it easy to create a collaborative video montage that you can give as a gift on any important occasion. They approached me to orchestrate a top level flow for an iOS application.

TEAM: Me + 1 Awesome Startup Founder

MY ROLE: Designer and Consultant

CHALLENGE: Within a one week sprint, develop a wireframe for a mobile application that would be strictly about sending thank you videos. 

TOOLS: Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Pencil & Paper

Phase 1: Research

I did a comparative analysis of existing and former video sharing iOS apps, such as TBH, Felt, Snapchat, and Instagram. Routes for improvement that presented themselves included: in-app gift giving like Felt, keeping the app orientation vertical as Felt was horizontal, expediting onboarding as TBH had a fairly long on-boarding process but with large, easy buttons, and the ability to curate audiences for quickly inviting people to contribute to video sharing campaigns.

Phase 2: Development

Next, given the quick turnaround required, I quickly laid out essential task flows as shown below.

Gifts & Scripts Task Flow.png

These task flows informed the first draft of the application, which circled around a central theme: How might we help users better celebrate each others’ milestones and express gratitude?


Phase 3: Refinement

During the initial round of critiques, it became clear that a more traditional landing page was needed. While the original design had called for a camera centric landing page, similar to Snapchat (see right), client feedback indicated that the audience skewed older. Therefore, the landing page was changed from something more camera focused towards something that curated friends on the Tribute app that might want a Tribute sent to them.

Similarly, an earlier iteration of the app presented multiple alternatives for commerce on the app. The first option had separate purchasing flows for Scripts (i.e. messages that you could read if you couldn’t find the words to say for a thank you video) and Gifts. The second option had a single Tribute Store, where you could buy both Scripts and Gifts, and then an inventory from where gifts could be added to a video (and sent to the person once they received the Tribute). Client opted for the second option.

Because of this, the flows were greatly streamlined, allowing for a more harmonious product experience.

Below is a sample of some of the delivered user interface mockups. Out of an abundance of tact, I have opted to show only some of the completed screens.

The original design had called for a picture centric landing page similar to Snapchat

The original design had called for a picture centric landing page similar to Snapchat

Key Takeaways

📊👑KPI is King. Tribute measures Tears of Gratitude as one of their key performance indicators (KPIs), and this gets to the heart of why—I believe—that Tribute is ultimately going to be a huge hit. Even with a gifted public speaker like Andrew Horn at its helm, that alone wouldn’t be a differentiating factor. But because he so undeniably believes and embodies what his company seeks to do, down to tracking how much of a qualitative impact this app has on peoples lives, that helps give a sterling quality to endeavors such as Tribute.

👬< 👨Merge Your Darlings. William Faulker said that “In writing, you must kill all your darlings”, as in you must get rid of sentences that you’re personally fond of if they don’t serve the overall purpose of the work. In app design, I’d say it’s a similar idea—if you need people to accomplish a task, keep it to as few screens as possible—like how the earlier Tribute app mockups had multiple flows for different purchases, but ultimately had one singular flow.