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Designing A Business Travel Assistant

Turning Receipts Into An Actionable Timeline

The following project was given for Pratt’s UX/UI Mobile Design Certificate Program.

SITUATION: Your client is a leading travel brand who sees new opportunities emerging in the digital space around how people plan travel. They want to be top of mind for the whole customer journey: from when people start planning their trip through the time they are traveling and sharing their stories.

CHALLENGE:  As part of the class, I had to address two major challenges:

  1. Research and define key components of the user’s journey that caused significant frustration; and
  2. Design a simple solution that would address those pain points.

DELIVERABLES: User Interview, Comparative & Competitive Research, User Journey, User Persona, Task Flows, Sketches, Wireframes, Animated Prototype, Presentation.

TOOLS: Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Principle, Invision, Post It Notes, Sharpie

RESULT: A prototype for an application that handled business traveler itinerary and reimbursement. I identified both time management reimbursement as a major point of frustration for business travelers. The solution created a timeline that resolved around expenses, which would in turn be reimbursed.

Invision Prototype