Hi, I'm John Fallot
UX/UI Designer
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exploring ux design with an app for freelancers

Freelancers deserve a living wage, not hours of proficiency tests, or $5 for a logo. Work for a living with Markwork, the freelancing platform that lets you find inspiration, connect with clients and peers, track your hours, and get paid what you deserve.

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As an individual exploration of the UX  Design process,  I conceptualized Markwork as a solution to the problems that freelancers face with looking for clients online.

The problems with existing freelancer platforms are numerous. Freelancers have to demonstrate their viability through numerous proficiency tests. Talent is showcased globally, without regard for regional wage laws. There are few, if any, anti-piracy protections in place. And showcasing, on-boarding, timekeeping, project management, communication, and payment, are divided across multiple channels.

I wanted to demonstrate that the entire life of a project could be housed in one app, and that it could be done in a way that not only empowers freelancers, but also encourages more trust between clients and talent.

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Design Work

Images shown above are strictly for demonstration purposes.

Images shown above are strictly for demonstration purposes.